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Ducati Clutch

New clutch please!
Well worn, but no complaints of slipping despite 2 springs missing and plates with curled up edges.

Ducatis are not really noted for having good clutches. Graunchy at times, and noisy, split vote there, some people love the noise. The noise is caused by the plates rattling back and forth in the basket. The service limit is 0.6mm. Most I change are upto about 1.00mm, but the worst I've seen had 6mm!!

There are basically three types of Ducati clutch, all are more or less interchangeable:-

  1. The standard clutch, fibre faced steel friction plates and a steel drum.

  2. The SP clutch, sintered metal faced steel friction plates and lightened steel drum. Best sound and power handling capacity.

  3. The alloy clutch. This is the latest dry clutch type used. It consists of fibre faced alloy friction plates and an alloy drum.

The graunching noise and judder on take-off is a nuisance and I think is at its worst on worn alloy sets. I've seen them so bad the clutch is like a switch. Sometimes mixing the plates up (keeping order of plate types) can help as can polishing the steel plates.

However, I've now fitted a few EVR 48t plate and basket set-ups and these give a really good smooth, noise free take-off. The main difference is that where the Ducati clutch has 12 teeth in the basket, the EVR one has 48, thereby reducing the load on each to 25% that of the Ducati design.

I've always disliked slipper clutches because they are typically 10 times worse for noise and being grabby but the 48t set up looks to sort them too. I would say that if you're in the market for a new plate set and basket then spend a little extra and get the 48t set up. "It's like a wet clutch operation" and "It's the best thing I've bought for my Ducati" are typical comments from owners.

If you think you might be ready for a new clutch then call me first as typically 1 in about 5 people don't really. But if we agree you do then I'll talk you through the options available and break the bad news of the cost involved nice and slowly while you sit down.

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